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13564Re: Can we have a File Drawer, please?

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  • Bee
    Jan 19, 2013
      On Jan 19, 2:08 am, Aaron Cruz <pferdeflei...@...> wrote:
      > > So why not just use vim in your terminal?
      > The only two reasons I use macvim instead of terminal vim are
      > a) Consistent colorscheme support
      > b) System clipboard support
      > If I had these two things I would love using vim in terminal. Beats having to switch between windows.

      Maybe I can help address point b).

      On osX 10.4.11 and 10.6.8 I have MacPorts' terminal vim version
      7.3.762 and it is compiled with the option: +clipboard

      Which means that the system clipboard is supported.

      Since I also use vim on Linux and Windows, I have made my .vimrc
      portable for different versions of vim, some without +clipboard

      if has("clipboard") "?vim6.2 "?tiny7.2
      vmap ,y "+y
      nmap ,p "+gP
      " ^= prepend += append
      if has("gui_running") || has("xterm_clipboard")
      silent! set clipboard^=unnamedplus
      set clipboard^=unnamed

      ,y in visual mode to copy from vim to another Mac app
      ,p in normal mode to paste from another Mac app to vim

      Using ,p I do not need to know how vim's 'paste' option is set.
      :help 'paste'


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