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  • Bee
    Jan 5, 2013
      This is my .vimrc for ios vim.
      I used the short form for all settings,
      just 'cause... iPhone is small. :)

      se nocp nobk noswf nowrap
      se is ic scs rnu
      se ts=1 sw=1 et ai si sta
      se nf-=octal nf+=alpha
      se cb^=unnamedplus,unnamed
      se lcs+=tab:\|-
      nm F :bn!<cr>
      nm Q :ls!<cr>:b
      nm W :e! $MYVIMRC<cr>
      nm T <pageup>
      nm t <pagedown>
      "nm <space> m'<pagedown> "space space bug?
      nm <lf> <cr>
      im & <esc>
      ino <bslash> <bslash>
      vm A y`>a<space>=<space><c-r>=<c-r>"<cr>
      "set guifont=Courier:h18 ".gvimrc

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