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13527Using --enable-mzinterp doesn't work out of the box

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  • Eric Dobson
    Dec 9, 2012
      I had trouble using enable-mzinterp out of the box (downloaded from the hg repo).

      These were the changes I had to make. I think someone should actually fix them up and get a patch in so that it works out of the box.

      diff -r 52bfa939fc07 src/auto/configure
      --- a/src/auto/configure        Thu Dec 06 21:30:29 2012 +0100
      +++ b/src/auto/configure        Sun Dec 09 15:27:55 2012 -0800
      @@ -4927,7 +4927,7 @@
         if test "X$vi_cv_path_mzscheme_pfx" != "X"; then
           if test "x$MACOSX" = "xyes"; then
      -      MZSCHEME_LIBS="-framework PLT_MzScheme"
      +      MZSCHEME_LIBS="-framework Racket"
           elif test -f "${vi_cv_path_mzscheme_pfx}/lib/libmzscheme3m.a"; then
      @@ -4981,6 +4981,7 @@
           { $as_echo "$as_me:${as_lineno-$LINENO}: checking for mzscheme_base.c" >&5
       $as_echo_n "checking for mzscheme_base.c... " >&6; }
      +    MZSCHEME_EXTRA="mzscheme_base.c"
           if test -f "${SCHEME_COLLECTS}collects/scheme/base.ss" ; then

      I also needed to put Racket.framework in /System/Library/Frameworks as vim was not looking in PLT_HOME/lib.

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