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13343Re: Bug: MacVim shows no window when build with the new Xcode 4.4 release

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  • Ben Schmidt
    Aug 5, 2012
      On 5/08/12 7:00 AM, gmn wrote:
      >> I debugged an issue with the same symptoms a while ago. It happened
      >> when I ran `make` (which builds vim) with a different compiler than
      >> xcodebuild (which builds MacVim). Maybe 4.4 uses clang by default for
      >> the MacVim build -- in that case, run `CC=clang ./configure; make -j6`
      >> to build the corresponding vim binary. Make sure both vim and MacVim
      >> are built with the same compiler.
      > Yes, "CC=clang ./configure; make -j6" works. But *jeez* it is annoying
      > that special steps have to be taken.
      > Plus, during the compliation of the Vim binary, all sorts of warnings
      > are thrown out that weren't there before. And it's annoying because I
      > usually want to just run the ./configuring part first. In which case, I
      > can do "export CC=clang" and then the configuring on a separate line,
      > but then I have to remember to get rid of $CC after building MacVim lest
      > I accidentally botch building something else.
      > And now my steps for building have to be different between 10.7 and up,
      > and 10.6 and below.
      > Arrgh! Apple!

      Maybe a way to fix this would be to change the XCode project to use a
      specific version of GCC rather than just the 'default compiler'. Then
      autotools and Xcode will use the same one, right, because autotools will
      pick up GCC first? I'm sure it's still not foolproof, but perhaps it's


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