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13341Re: Bug: MacVim shows no window when build with the new Xcode 4.4 release

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  • gmn
    Aug 4, 2012
      > > I debugged an issue with the same symptoms a while ago. It happened
      > > when I ran `make` (which builds vim) with a different compiler than
      > > xcodebuild (which builds MacVim). Maybe 4.4 uses clang by default for
      > > the MacVim build -- in that case, run `CC=clang ./configure; make -j6`
      > > to build the corresponding vim binary. Make sure both vim and MacVim
      > > are built with the same compiler.
      > Yes, "CC=clang ./configure; make -j6" works. But *jeez* it is annoying
      > that special steps have to be taken.
      > Plus, during the compliation of the Vim binary, all sorts of warnings
      > are thrown out that weren't there before. And it's annoying because I
      > usually want to just run the ./configuring part first. In which case, I
      > can do "export CC=clang" and then the configuring on a separate line,
      > but then I have to remember to get rid of $CC after building MacVim lest
      > I accidentally botch building something else.
      > And now my steps for building have to be different between 10.7 and up,
      > and 10.6 and below.

      Hey, has anyone else noticed that there is no need for this maneuver at all on Mountain Lion, even though it has XCode 4.4 as well? I know there's a different package of command-line tools for 10.8 than for 10.7; maybe that's the difference.


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