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  • Kurt Harriger
    Jun 23, 2012
      At one point I had a working macvim package that I just downloaded and copied into Applications, but I also wanted it to work from the terminal in place of vim for clipboard integration so I removed int and nstalled via homebrew instead using:

      brew install macvim --override-system-vim

      vim from terminal works great... the gui version did work at one point and I'm not sure what changed but now it does not work at all. The app will start but no windows will open and File new window appears to do nothing. When I exit the app it will tell me that 2 windows are open, but none of were are visible, bring all to front is grayed out and trying to activate window via right click on the dock does not work.

      I followed the steps on the troubleshooting page but no luck.

      I renamed .vimrc and .vim.
      ran defaults delete org.vim.MacVim
      I use zsh and removed the /etc/zshenv and renamed my .profile and .zshrc files as well
      removed all prior vim versions including homebrew and reinstalled from homebrew only.
      I then removed homebrew's version again and installed with --HEAD also but still no luck.

      I also enabled logging as described here but the log does not appear to contain any errors

      I did noticed that when I right click the dock icon I still see recently opened files, but clicking on them still does open the window.

      The preferences page does open just no text windows. Any ideas?

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