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13280Re: Compiling MacVim

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  • Eric Weir
    Jun 19, 2012
      On Jun 18, 2012, at 2:58 PM, Tim Gray wrote:

      > For what it's worth, I build MacVim from the git source. I cloned the repository, cd'd into macvim/src, and configure with the following options:
      > ./configure --with-features=huge --enable-rubyinterp \
      > --enable-pythoninterp --enable-perlinterp --enable-cscope
      > Then just run make. After it's done, copy the app to your Applications folder (after you run it to make sure it's ok). It's in macvim/src/MacVim/build/Release/. You probably will have to have Xcode installed or at least the Xcode command line tools.
      > The above are essentially the instructions for building MacVim at github. If you don't know what other configure options you need, you probably don't need any - the default set in the instructions is probably enough for you (it is for me).

      Thanks, Tim. It really doesn't sound all that difficult. And the options you set are the ones I was clearest about.

      That said, I took the chicken way out and installed a copy of snapshot 64 precompiled for Snow Leopard brought to my attention by Bill [bee]. When I have a little less on my plate I may give compiling a whirl, though.

      Unclear about Xcode. Encountered other mentions of it in exploring compiling. What does it do? I have Snow Leopard on a late 2009 vintage MacBook. I keep Snow Leopard up to date. Might I have it already? If not, where would I get it?

      Thanks again,
      Eric Weir
      Decatur, GA

      "Style is truth."

      - Ray Bradbury

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