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13279Re: Compiling MacVim

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  • Bee
    Jun 18, 2012
      On Jun 18, 6:46 am, Eric Weir <eew...@...> wrote:
      > I've encountered a problem with a plugin that the developer
      > has determined is due to a vim bug. He recommended that I get
      > a more up to date version of vim. Currently I have MacVim 73
      > (53). I gather that to get the most up to date version it is
      > necessary to compile it.
      >On May 29, 11:51 am, Alex Lovell-Troy <farmk...@...> wrote:
      >> *NEW Snow Leopard Build of MacVim available*
      >> It's been a couple of weeks and I haven't heard of a new
      >> snapshot being ready, but to make sure I can still build on
      >> this old laptop, I fixed the bug and uploaded a new build to
      >> github.
      >> https://github.com/alexlovelltroy/macvim/downloads
      >> For those of you not interested in using the built-in python
      >> interpreter, there's no reason to switch. Of course, I'm
      >> sure there are at least a few of you for which this will make
      >> life slightly easier.
      >> -alex

      If you do not want to compile, download the MacVim on
      Alex's git site. I have been using it for several weeks.

      Snapshot 64 with python path bug fixed


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