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13275Re: Does MacVim require separate installation of vim?

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  • Ben Schmidt
    Jun 18, 2012
      On 19/06/12 4:32 AM, Eric Weir wrote:
      > On Jun 18, 2012, at 2:05 PM, Ben Schmidt wrote:
      >> Only the runtime files shipped with Vim are stored in
      >> /Applications/MacVim.app/Contents/Resources/vim/runtime. (The runtime
      >> files for the Mac OS X version of Vim are in /usr/share/vim/vim73 or
      >> similar.)
      >> In both cases, the user's runtime files go in ~/.vim.
      >> The user's vimrc belongs at ~/.vimrc and system ones vary in location.
      >> Issuing :version inside Vim can give you more information. :echo $VIM
      >> and :echo $VIMRUNTIME and :echo $HOME can help you understand the
      >> output, too.
      > Thanks, Ben. That's where I have things. Was under the impression that vim itself was in ~/.vim. I'm clear now.
      >> P.S. Probably best not to cross-post. I'm replying only on vim_mac, since this is a fairly Mac-specific question.
      > I've been admonished about this before, and mostly avoid it. I just reposted a vim_mac post to vim_use. It's pretty Mac-specific, but vim_mac seems not to be very active at the moment, and I thought I might get a quicker response here.

      Mmm. I think that's why I didn't see all the previous answers, too! They
      were filed differently because of the cross-posting.

      Anyway, never mind; no harm done. Glad you've got an answer.



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