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13262Re: MacVIM help?

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  • Bee
    Jun 14, 2012
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      On Jun 14, 8:05 am, Jason Slack-Moehrle <slackmoeh...@...>
      > I am trying to create a macVim environment that allows files when
      > double clicked from the Finder and opened via a command-line to be
      > opened in MacVim in tabs.
      > I have in my .vimrc:
      > tabs=true
      > and in my .bash_profile:
      > alias mvim="open -a "/Applications/MacVim-snapshot-64/MacVim.app""
      > In MacVim prefs I have checked: Open files from applications: in the
      > current window
      > as well as the pop-up below as: with a tab for each file.
      > I am still getting separate windows.
      > Can anyone provide advice?
      > -Jason

      This works well to open files from the command line:

      alias mvim='open -a macvim "$@"'

      To have Finder open files with double click:
      - find a file of the type (extension) you want to open in Finder
      - in Finder highlight the file
      - use "Finder > File > Get Info" --or-- command+I
      - click the triangle next to "Open With"
      - select MacVim, you may need to navigate using "Other..."
      - finally select "Change All"

      Then all files with that same extension will open with MacVim


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