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13251Re: Does MacVim require separate installation of vim?

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  • Tim Gray
    Jun 13, 2012
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      On Jun 13, 2012 at 10:47 AM -0400, Eric Weir wrote:
      >Thanks for the clarification, Tony. So, two reason for having a
      >separate installation of vim: So I could run it in the terminal if I
      >wanted to. [Attempting to do so earlier today generated a list of
      >errors that helped me locate the source of a problem that was
      >preventing my plugins from loading.] And so I could do a manual install
      >of a plugin if I never needed to.

      It's probably wiser to call MacVim from the command line instead of
      calling the default OS X vim from the command line. This is because
      some of your plugins and settings that you use for MacVim might depend
      on features built into MacVim that aren't enabled in the version of vim
      bundled with OS X. The OS X default vim doesn't have python, perl, or
      ruby support enabled, which some plugins make use of. Also note,
      depending on your version of OS X, Apple doesn't always include the most
      up to date copy of vim, while your MacVim should be fairly recent.

      You can call MacVim from the command line several different ways. The
      easiest is probably to just create an alias in your .bashrc:

      alias vim='/Applications/MacVim.app/Contents/MacOS/Vim'

      Alternately, you can use the 'mvim' script that comes with MacVim. It's
      a shell script that looks for an calls MacVim in command line mode.
      Drop it somewhere that's in your path and just type 'mvim' on the

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