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13248Re: Does MacVim require separate installation of vim?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jun 13, 2012
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      On 13/06/12 11:49, Eric Weir wrote:
      > Somehow, when I was getting started with vim, I ended up with a vim
      > installation to ~\ and a MacVim installation in \Applications. Before I
      > started using vim-addon-manager I installed plugins to the vim
      > installation.
      > If I'm using MacVim, do I actually need the separate vim installation?
      > If not, and if I had reason to do a manual installation of a
      > plugin---not very likely, but I'm curious---where would I put it?
      > Thanks,
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      > Eric Weir
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      MacVim is a Mac OS X application and follows all the Mac conventions.
      Console Vim is a Unix application with no GUI. You can have both if you
      want to use Vim sometimes as a freestanding GUI and sometimes inside
      Terminal. You don't "need" both, you "can" even make do without Vim
      altogether, but depending on your workflow, you might "prefer" having
      one, or the other, or both.

      If you wanted to install a plugin manually… Let's assume a global plugin
      (the directory would be slightly different for a syntax plugin, a
      filetype plugin, a keymap, a colorscheme, etc.). In each installation of
      Vim (i.e., in Console Vim and/or in MacVim and/or, if you have it, in
      gvim for X11 GUI), type the following:

      :echo fnamemodify(expand("$HOME/.vim/plugin"),":p")
      :echo fnamemodify(expand("$VIM/vimfiles/plugin"),":p")

      This ought to give you for each Vim application two of the directories
      (one a function of your login name and the other not) which it searches
      for global plugins (for a different kind of plugin, only the last
      directory in the path is different). Write the results down and compare
      them. If you can use a common location for all Vim flavours, so much the

      WARNING: I never used a Mac, I was first on Windows and now on Linux, so
      maybe there are differences of which I'm not aware between Vim on Mac
      and Vim on other platforms. Maybe someone more familiar with the Mac
      than I am should chime in.

      Best regards,
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