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13233Re: MacVim hangs when alert sound should be played

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  • björn
    Jun 3, 2012
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      On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 7:28 AM, Colin Sullivan wrote:
      > Every time an OS X "beep" warning sound should be played, my MacVim buffer hangs for a few seconds before becoming responsive again, and no sound is played.
      > It is reproducible when
      > - Pressing the escape key when in normal mode
      > - Navigating to the top or bottom of a file and attempting to navigate past the beginning or end of it.
      > - Renaming ~/.vimrc, ~/.gvimrc, and ~/.vim
      > - Using a guest account on my mac which has the default vim/MacVim configuration
      > - After deleting MacVim preferences

      I have not had this problem, nor can I reproduce it. It should be
      easy to work around however by disabling the bell, e.g.

      :set vb t_vb=

      You may also be able to patch the problem by calling
      'gui_macvim_force_flush()' after 'NSBeep()' inside the definition of
      'gui_mch_beep()' (in src/MacVim/gui_macvim.m). (Let me know how it
      goes if you try.)


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