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13218Re: Launching an already open file

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  • Kelan Champagne
    May 9 10:34 PM
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      On Nov 3 2010, 11:19 am, björn <bjorn.winck...@...> wrote:
      > Finally, if you have a specific MacVim window that you wish to open a file in
      > then you should use the --servername and --remote family of arguments to the
      > "mvim" script, e.g.
      > mvim --servername VIM --remote-silent filename

      Related to this, I just discovered that you can bring that existing window
      forward, if you know its servername. Just do:

      $ mvim --servername VIM --remote-expr "foreground()"

      This is useful if you want to avoid the warnings about the swap file already
      existing when you try to re-open the file, and would rather just bring that
      window to the front.


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