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13215weird behavior with .f90 and .F90 files

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  • Srinath
    Apr 20 2:23 PM
      I opened a file (foo.f90) with macvim that had the .f90 suffix. Then,
      I realized I wanted it preprocessed. [No jokes about fortran ...
      space shuttle quality stuff ... man]. So in terminal, I moved the file
      over to be foo.F90. Of course, MacVim notifies me that the foo.f90
      files does not exist any more. So I ":q" that tab, and command-T for
      a new tab.
      Then I type ":e foo.F90" in the new tab, and the buffer appears blank,
      with the file name listed as "foo.f90". Back to the lower cased
      suffix. If I starte a new macvim session: $mvim foo.F90, it opens up
      fine. Any insight? Some buffer voodoo?

      Btw..thanks for all the help.

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