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13189Javacomplete not working

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  • Phillip Kessels
    Apr 1, 2012

      i recently tried to install javacomplete for vim.

      I followed the installation instructions and added the lines to .vimrc as stated.

      My problem is: Whenever I type <C-x><C-o> I get:
      ""*.java" [New File]
      Cannot open file "*.java"
      Press ENTER or type command to continue
      Error detected while processing function javacomplete#Complete..<SNR>28_CompleteAfterWord:
      line 57:
      E480: No match: \s*\<\C\(\%(\%(public\|protected\|private\|abstract\|static\|final\|strictfp\)\s\+\)*\)\(class\|interface\|enum\)[ \t\n\r^L]\+\([a-zA-Z_$][a-zA-Z0-9_$]*\)[< \t\n\r^L]".

      What is going on there? I already checked that Reflection.class is generated (it is and is in ~), thus Reflection.java was in ~/.vim/autoload/ (likewise was javacomplete.vim and java_parser.vim).

      I'm on Mac OS 10.7 with vim 7.3.

      Thanks in advance,


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