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131Re: MacVim-5.7.9 on MacOS 8.6 loses swapfile

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  • vim-mac-egroups-wrapper@vim.org
    Nov 3 11:43 PM
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      > I've put this on comp.editors minutes before. Bug?
      > > Recently I started using MacVim5.7.9 under MacOS 8.6. Saving certain
      > > files caused vim to not delete the swap file upon exit.
      > >
      > > It is a slash '/' in the header of the file in question
      > > that makes vim loose the swap file before exiting.
      > >
      > > I can save a dummy file (blabla) basically under any header.
      > > Even !@#$%^&*()<>?| will do, but add a /
      > > to it and 'oops, lost the swap file'.
      > > Same goes for opening a file with such header.
      > > It gives the warning 'can't open swap file for ... '

      By header you mean filename, right?

      A slash is a directory separator on Unix, thus something deep in the Vim
      code assumes you want to access a sub-directory (sub folder in
      Mac-speak) but it doesn't find the folder.

      It is a trade off. Either you can enter Unix-style filenames (like
      /Data/text/plain/fortune for Data:text:plain:fortune) or you can have a
      "/" in your filename and "/Data/text/plain/fortune" is a filename.

      Isn't this documented on the MacVim Web page?
      No, it isn't, will be changed when uploading the next release.[1]

      > > NoSlash seems to be the fix for me.

      Do you have an URL?

      [1] The people responsible for the MacVim Webpage have been sacked.

      There is nothing left to try
      There is nothing left to choose
      There is no greater power
      Than the power of VI
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