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13097Re: Erratic line spacing when using Consolas as my MacVim font

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  • björn
    Feb 5, 2012
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      On 2 February 2012 23:41, jgarbers wrote:
      > I like using Consolas in MacVim instead of my usual terminal font
      > (Monaco) because it has bold and italic variants, which work nicely in
      > many of the color schemes I use.  However, line spacing is erratic
      > when Consolas is my guifont -- some lines are a pixel or two closer
      > than others.
      > I don't see any pattern to the spacing... at first I thought it might
      > have to do with descenders, but it doesn't appear to.  The effect
      > happens regardless of what value I set for "linespace".   With other
      > fonts, like Monaco and Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, though, the
      > linespacing is okay.
      > I've posted a screenshot here: https://skitch.com/jgarbers/g687e/linespacing
      > Anybody know what might be going on here? Thanks!

      I'm guessing it is NSTextView adjusting line heights. Try going in to
      the advanced preferences, enable the experimental renderer and
      restart. The experimental renderer keeps line heights fixed so it
      should not suffer from the problem you are describing.


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