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13090Erratic line spacing when using Consolas as my MacVim font

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  • jgarbers
    Feb 2, 2012
      I like using Consolas in MacVim instead of my usual terminal font
      (Monaco) because it has bold and italic variants, which work nicely in
      many of the color schemes I use. However, line spacing is erratic
      when Consolas is my guifont -- some lines are a pixel or two closer
      than others.

      I don't see any pattern to the spacing... at first I thought it might
      have to do with descenders, but it doesn't appear to. The effect
      happens regardless of what value I set for "linespace". With other
      fonts, like Monaco and Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, though, the
      linespacing is okay.

      I've posted a screenshot here: https://skitch.com/jgarbers/g687e/linespacing

      Anybody know what might be going on here? Thanks!

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