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12946Changing default keybinds

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  • Tom Wieland
    Dec 6, 2011

      I'm trying to set up MacVim in a 'one file per tab' environment.

      My normal setup is using the MiniBufExpl plugin with the maps
      map <Tab> :bn<cr>
      map <S-Tab> :bp<cr>

      By default the cmd-t and cmd-w maps are used for opening and closing
      tabs. The problem I have with cmd-t (<D-t>) is that it opens a new
      buffer with the name "[No Name]". I'd like it to open an existing
      buffer instead. Like that I can open a tab and then open a file or
      drag a file to it from Finder (or the File Browser in https://github.com/alloy/macvim).
      By default the cmd-w map will close a tab. I'd like it to also buffer
      wipe the buffer I had open in there (because by closing the tab,
      having one file per tab, I'm saying that I don't want the file open
      any more).

      These maps should do:
      map <Tab> :tabnext<cr>
      map <S-Tab> :tabprevious<cr>
      map <D-t> :tabedit %<cr>
      map <D-w> :bwipeout :tabclose<cr>

      The problem is that when I open vim, set these maps and then do a cmd-
      t it will not work. Neither with e.g. map <D-t> :echo LOL<cr>.

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