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12940Re: Alternate MacVim Icon

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  • Blake Winton
    Dec 2, 2011
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      On 11-12-02 14:33 , Phil Dobbin wrote:
      > On 2/12/11 18:36, "Blake Winton"<bwinton@...> wrote:
      >> Would you consider allowing people a choice of icons in the Preferences?
      >> As far as I can tell, the preferences are quite MacVim-specific already,
      >> so adding options there shouldn't be nearly as controversialÅ 
      > Well, it's only a case of opening the package contents, storing the original
      > icon elsewhere& replacing it with the new one (all whilst MacVim's not
      > running ;-)... this can be done with any app's icon. It would be undesirable
      > to package MacVim this way& then distribute it of course.

      It's easier than that, for end users, at least…


      But neither of those are something I'ld expect normal people (or non-mac
      people) to do, whereas a preference would work and be easy enough that
      almost anyone could find it.

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