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12938Re: Alternate MacVim Icon

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  • Blake Winton
    Dec 2, 2011
      On 11-12-02 12:39 , björn wrote:
      > On 2 December 2011 02:00, Drew Yeaton wrote:
      >> I understand the reticence with regards to changing something that's hasn't
      >> changed in a long time (eg. the vim icon).
      > I have made a serious effort to make MacVim not deviate from Vim on
      > other platforms. This really is supposed to be Vim on the Mac and not
      > a fork of Vim, or a Vim clone. To me the icon is a good indication
      > that MacVim is Vim. A lot of Vim users feel _very_ strongly about
      > keeping things uniform across platforms and as soon as I change one
      > little thing they tend to speak up. This is perhaps my strongest
      > reason for not wanting to change the icon.

      Would you consider allowing people a choice of icons in the Preferences?

      As far as I can tell, the preferences are quite MacVim-specific already,
      so adding options there shouldn't be nearly as controversial…

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