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  • björn
    Dec 2, 2011
      On 2 December 2011 02:00, Drew Yeaton wrote:
      > Thanks for pointing out this conversation.
      > I understand the reticence with regards to changing something that's hasn't
      > changed in a long time (eg. the vim icon). However, I think pushing forward
      > on this is a worthy cause—if nothing more that to attempt to move MacVim
      > forward as a product. However, It is slightly discouraging to see the
      > conversation about this shut down so abruptly with little reason.

      I think it is great that you decided to design your own icon, and a
      lot of people seem to appreciate it. Wonderful! (I mean it, I'm not
      being facetious)

      ...but, unfortunately I still stand by my earlier posts: I do not want
      to change the icon to something that does not closely resemble the
      official Vim icon that is displayed on www.vim.org ("the green diamond
      with a V").

      I have made a serious effort to make MacVim not deviate from Vim on
      other platforms. This really is supposed to be Vim on the Mac and not
      a fork of Vim, or a Vim clone. To me the icon is a good indication
      that MacVim is Vim. A lot of Vim users feel _very_ strongly about
      keeping things uniform across platforms and as soon as I change one
      little thing they tend to speak up. This is perhaps my strongest
      reason for not wanting to change the icon.

      That being said: I'm not a fan of the "diamond and V" design myself
      and I have been vocal about this in the past. However, I've put my
      own wishes to the side on this issue so saying "no" to new icons is
      not something I am particularly happy about. My rather abrupt
      statement in the thread that was linked to by Caleb was an attempt for
      people to stop asking me about this, but I guess that was not the best
      way to deal with it. (There is at least one older thread were this
      has been discussed as well.)

      Anyway, the right person to approach regarding a redesign for the Vim
      icon is Bram Moolenaar (the author of Vim). I for one would be happy
      if you could convince him that it is about time for the Vim icon to
      receive a facelift.

      In the meantime, the best idea would be to publish step-by-step
      instructions on how to get your redesigned icon and replace the
      default icon. You are welcome to add a page to the MacVim wiki [1].


      [1] https://github.com/b4winckler/macvim/wiki

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