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  • Tim Johnson
    Oct 23, 2011
      * Kyle Lippincott <spectral@...> [111023 09:34]:
      > Perhaps I'm confused.
      Perhaps, and :) most certainly I haven't made myself clear enough.
      Here's an example of a specific action I use very frequently:
      On my .vimrc I have the following map:
      noremap <C-G> 2<C-G>

      and when in a buffer I press C-g, I see something
      like this in ex:
      buf 7: "~/.vim/plugin/myscript.vim" 101 lines --18%--
      and I want to copy


      to the system clipboard.

      So to recap, I want to copy text that is displayed
      in ex
      to the clipboard. Just as if it were in the buffer.

      If I have
      buf 7: "~/.vim/plugin/myscript.vim" 101 lines --18%--
      in ex
      and select
      and press 'y'
      will be copied into the % register.

      How then to copy it to the system clipboard?

      In ubuntu, all I have to do is select whatever text in ex
      that I want and it is immediately copied to the system clipboard,
      the same as if it were selected in the buffer.

      I hope that this is clearer.
      thanks for the interest.
      tim at tee jay forty nine dot com or akwebsoft dot com

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