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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Oct 1, 2011
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      On Sep 30, 7:13 pm, Kyle Lippincott <spect...@...> wrote:
      > It probably depends on selectmode then.. I think by default on Marin
      > behavior it's only set to 'mouse', but I set it to all three
      > (including 'cmd') before writing that.  Even more reason for me to
      > dislike the feature - too hard to tell what's going to happen ;)

      I have 'selectmode' set to "key,mouse", meaning that it will be
      started by a mouse drag, by a shift-click or by a shift-arrow key, but
      not by hitting v V or Ctrl-V

      I see that 'selectmode' is set by the :behave command; I use
      neither :behave mswin nor :behave xterm but some intermediate values,
      as follows:
      set selectmode=mouse,key
      set mousemodel=popup
      set keymodel=startsel
      set selection=inclusive

      Best regards,
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      -- Mark Twain

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