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12681Re: python 2.7 support

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  • björn
    Aug 6, 2011
      On 5 August 2011 20:55, Daenney wrote:
      > According to what I've picked up vim 7.3+ is built against Python 2.7.
      > However, the latest snapshot (61) of MacVim still gives us Python
      > 2.6.6 which is a shame since Lion ships with 2.7.
      > Any chance the build can be updated to reflect those changes?

      The reason why I link against 2.6 is because I want the snapshot to
      run on Snow Leopard as well. In order to link against 2.7 I would
      have to build one snapshot for Lion and a separate snapshot for Snow
      Leopard. This is a hassle.

      That being said, building snapshot 61 as a Snow Leopard + Lion binary
      was also a pain in the neck. For the next snapshot I will evaluate
      whether building two binaries is actually simpler or not. I can't say
      I'm happy with the current "pick the correct version for your OS"
      download circus that MacVim users have to go through, but I don't have
      the time/energy to do anything about it (and it leads to linking
      issues like the OP mentioned, of course).


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