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  • Ben Schmidt
    Aug 3, 2011
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      On 1/08/11 5:03 PM, Nicholas Cole wrote:
      > Dear List,
      > I have a file in .vim/after/syntax called tex.vim
      > My understanding from the docs is that it ought to be read in after
      > the default tex syntax file is loaded, but if I edit a file called
      > test.tex it seems to be ignored and I have to source it manually.
      > Have I done something wrong, or does MacVim look for these files in a
      > different place?

      What is in your file? Why do you need it to run after the regular tex syntax
      highlighting script is run? Perhaps it is not after/syntax that you want, but
      after/indent or after/ftplugin? I.e. the changes you are wanting to make in your
      after-script may be undone by an indent or ftplugin script which runs after your
      syntax script.


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