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12663build failure on Tiger, plus fix

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  • dv1445@wayne.edu
    Aug 3, 2011
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      I don't know if this is a bug or intended behavior, but I can no longer
      build on Tiger PPC (yes, I know... but I'm stuck with it).

      This happened when Lion branch was merged in, i.e., in commit

      I have found a fix, however. You just need to open up these two files,
      found in the cloned repository, in vim:


      In each one, there are a couple of lines (maybe more, I forgot) where
      GCC_VERSION is set to 4.2. Delete each instance of those lines in each
      file. Alternatively, change the value to 4.0 in every instance in both
      files. Whichever method one uses, it seems to then build fine.

      I have no idea if this messes up something else that hasn't manifested
      yet. I have no idea if this is the proper fix either. The GitHub page
      shows that the offending lines in each file are straight additions,
      rather than changes from a previous value of 4.0.

      For the record: I am pleased and very grateful that I've been able to
      build MacVim on Tiger thus far. I hope that what I found is a small
      bug, easily fixable (perhaps by a switch that detects whether
      GCC_VERSION 4.2 is a good idea on one's system?). It seems, to
      non-programmer such as myself, that this was a tiny oversight that got
      lost in the shuffle, and probably affects everyone not using XCode 4.


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