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12661Re: lion fullscreen bugs and thoughts

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  • björn
    Aug 1, 2011
      On 1 August 2011 14:12, rgabo wrote:
      > One issue that I think is absolutely crazy to the point that I might be
      > missing obvious is:
      > 6. Fire up MacVim and enter fullscreen on a machine that has a secondary
      > screen attached. Oops, you just lost half of your screen estate as there is
      > no way to do anything on the secondary screen when Lion puts something full
      > screen on the primary screen. WTF?!
      > My usual flow is to have MacVim fullscreen on my primary screen (old 24"
      > iMac) and have iTerm2 fullscreen on the secondary screen (widescreen 22"
      > samsung) with many splits.
      > After upgrading to 7.3-61 using Homebrew (brew install macvim --<many
      > options>), I have no way to switch of Lion's full screen mode (something
      > that iTerm2 has an option for).
      > I would love an option to disable/enable as I'm sure this will improved in
      > the long run from Apple as well.

      Please search through the archives before posting. I have mentioned
      this many times already. The gist is:

      $ defaults write org.vim.MacVim MMNativeFullScreen 0

      (The next window you open will use old full-screen behavior.)


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