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1265Re: vim +perl etc. on OS X

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  • Ken Scott
    Jan 16, 2004
      On Jan 16, 2004, at 6:03 AM, Bram Moolenaar wrote:

      > Benji Fisher wrote:
      >> On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 10:07:32AM -0700, Ken Scott wrote:
      >>> On Jan 14, 2004, at 8:39 AM, Bob Ippolito wrote:
      >>>> [snip]
      >>>> That's bizarre, because Python is threaded on OS X 10.3 ... I wonder
      >>>> what the deal is with that? Is a threaded Python ok because it has
      >>>> the GIL, or should a non-threaded version be in Vim as well? Or
      >>>> maybe.. Vim's configure script should take a threaded Perl?
      >>> If someone can talk me through modifying the configure script, I'll
      >>> try
      >>> building it to accept the threaded perl, and see if it can do basic
      >>> things or not.
      >> Tweaking the configure script is not easy. I prefer to leave
      >> that
      >> for people who understand autoconf. As for perl, I assume there is a
      >> reason not to link against a threaded version. Bram?
      > I do not know why Perl without threads is refused. There is an
      > explicit
      > configure check for it, thus there must be a good reason. But perhaps
      > it was only for an old version of Perl? It's also possible that
      > if_perl.xs is not prepared for threading.
      > You could edit src/auto/configure, search for "usethreads" and insert
      > this below the "eval" command:
      > usethreads=undef
      > Look out or compile errors and warnings in if_perl.c.

      I did this; the only warning I saw was a warning for an unused
      variable. At the end, near the ld steps, I was getting a message that
      /usr/local/lib does not exist, but I do not think that harmed anything.

      I ran the Vim.app that was created. It shows +perl, and I am able to
      run :perl VIM::Msg("This is from Perl in Vim") and get the message
      displayed. I think this means that the perl interface is working on
      some very basic level. I do not have the expertise to test this more

      I am now playing in the auto/configure script to see if the Tcl support
      can be turned on. It was not finding the includes; I am trying to get
      the include from /System/Library/Frameworks/Tcl.framework/Headers to be

      Onward and upwards...


      <>< Ken Scott ken@... http://hobbes.optikos.net/~ken

      This is the day that the Lord has made;
      Let us rejoice and be glad in it -- Psalm 118:24
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