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12623Re: lion fullscreen bugs and thoughts

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  • Seth Milliken
    Jul 24, 2011
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      Here is a roundabout way to address this fullscreen Dock problem, but
      one that might appeal especially well to vim users:

      1. Open `System Preferences`
      2. Go to the `Keyboard` preference pane
      3. Select the `Keyboard Shortcuts` tab
      4. Select `Keyboard & Text Input` from the list on the lhs
      5. Set an easily accessible binding for `Move focus to the Dock`

      When you enter the Dock using this binding, you can use type-ahead
      find to select an application and <CR> to activate it.

      I use <C-S-'>, myself (with CapsLock mapped to Control).

      `Move focus to the menu bar` is another one worth binding to something
      easily accessible (type-ahead find works here, too).

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