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12582Re: lion fullscreen bugs and thoughts

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  • sos4nt
    Jul 22, 2011
      > 3. This might be a problem with Lion, not MacVim, but here goes.  With
      > MacVim quit, set the Dock to show and hide automatically.  Keep the
      > mouse away from the dge of the screen so that the dock is hidden.  Now
      > fire up MacVim and enter fullscreen.  The Dock is still hidden, which is
      > correct behavior.  Now move your mouse over to where the Dock hides to
      > bring it out of hiding.  Notice that the Dock refuses to appear.  This
      > is incorrect behavior, or at least, is a surprising difference from
      > pre-Lion MacVim.  I suspect, however, that this is Lion's fault.

      This is Lion's default behavior in fullscreen mode. You have to move
      your mouse to the Dock's edge, wait a split second and move the mouse
      again into that direction.


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