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12575Re: lion fullscreen bugs and thoughts

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  • dv1445@wayne.edu
    Jul 21 9:15 PM
      Let me add number 5 to the list:

      5. Fire up MacVim and enter fullscreen. Then do :w. See the MacVim window disappear. See the plain gray background remain; MacVim is not "releasing" the Space it claimed while in fullscreen mode. I can find no way to get rid of this extra, gray Space besides quitting MacVim.

      Let me also add another reason in favor of keeping "preLion fullscreen" around as an option at least. Fire up Macvim, and enter fullscreen. Now hit Cmd-N. What you get is a double abomination, namely, the new MacVim window is on a brand new Space (!!!), and --- this defies belief --- the new MacVim window is itself in fullscreen. (This is actually a triple abomination, since the sloooow transition animation happens too, but I've already covered that).

      This is NOT a bug in MacVim's Lion branch, since this is just how Lion works. Try it with Terminal, e.g. But it's a disgusting aspect of Lion, and we can hopefully steer around it with old-style fullscreen.


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