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12569lion fullscreen bugs and thoughts

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  • dv1445@wayne.edu
    Jul 21, 2011
      It's wonderful that MacVim works with Lion already. I've built from the
      lion branch, and noticed a few bugs or less-than-fully-desirable aspects
      of Lion's native fullscreen wrt MacVim.

      All of the following results even after doing mvim -u NONE -U NONE and
      having no ~/.vim folder, except where otherwise noted.

      1. Fire up MacVim, then enter fullscreen. No toolbar, which is correct
      behavior. Now move the mouse up to where the menubar would be. The
      menubar appears (which is correct), but also the MacVim toolbar appears,
      which is incorrect. Why is that incorrect? Because, it happens even if
      you have a minimal .gvimrc with "set go=" in it to remove all toolbars
      and scrollbars.

      2. Fire up MacVim, then enter fullscreen. Notice how the original size
      of the MacVim window stays there while a giant rectangle slowly grows
      behind it. To really make it noticeable, and to bring about just how
      ugly this is, go from non-fullscreen to fullscreen with a dark
      colorscheme in play (like a black background). Then you see a white
      rectangle slooowly growing behind your original black rectangle.

      3. This might be a problem with Lion, not MacVim, but here goes. With
      MacVim quit, set the Dock to show and hide automatically. Keep the
      mouse away from the dge of the screen so that the dock is hidden. Now
      fire up MacVim and enter fullscreen. The Dock is still hidden, which is
      correct behavior. Now move your mouse over to where the Dock hides to
      bring it out of hiding. Notice that the Dock refuses to appear. This
      is incorrect behavior, or at least, is a surprising difference from
      pre-Lion MacVim. I suspect, however, that this is Lion's fault.

      4. Fire up MacVim, and enter fullscreen not by mouse or key shortcut,
      but by doing ":set fu". You are now in fullscreen. Try to leave
      fullscreen by doing ":set nofu" and you will not leave fullscreen, even
      though you should. You can leave fullscreen with ":set invfu", which is
      as it should be.

      I've communicated privately with Björn about this, but it's worth saying
      to everyone to see if I'm alone on this. The aforementioned bugs aside,
      I think Lion's fullscreen mode is just absolutely awful, and would
      dearly, dearly appreciate some option to use the old way. It's awful
      for two reasons (neither of which have anything essentially to do with
      MacVim rather than some other app):

      (a) It *forces* you to swtich Spaces. WTF?! Every single day when
      using MacVim, I have one MacVim window in fullscreen, and also at least
      one other MacVim window open in addition (whether in fullscreen or not),
      and need to toggle quickly between them with Cmd-`, or look at them
      simultaneously (with the nonfull one in the foreground, small, and the
      full one in the background. This is just too useful to lose. Not to
      mention that *which* Space your fullscreen one goes to seems a bit
      unpredictable when you're using lots of spaces.

      (b) The animation for switching in and out of fullscreen is so
      unbelievably slow that it's very annoying. And I don't have a slow
      machine. My stopwatch records around 1.33-1.5 seconds to transition, on
      more than one machine. This is simply unacceptable. It's pointless
      "eye-candy" that slows down one's workflow. This is espeically annoying
      when one frequently flips between full and non-full.
      I found that with pre-Lion fullscreen, the animation can be disabled
      by replacing some numbers in mmfullscreenwindow.m before building so
      that the change is nearly instantaneous. *That's* how it should work,
      if at all possible.

      I'd love an option to use the old method of fullscreen. I personally
      don't care whether it's a compile-time option, or some checkbox in the
      preference pane, or if both ways are always available with two different
      key shortcuts in the menu. I don't care if Lion-mode is there as long
      as I don't have to use it.


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