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12504Re: Taking cues from iA writer

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  • björn
    Jul 8, 2011
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      On 8 July 2011 00:21, Hakan Ensari wrote:
      > To follow up on my tweet a few weeks ago, here's what I think would be
      > super if MacVim perhaps borrowed from iA Writer's minimalist UI.
      > * You fire MacVim up. No toolbar. A simple, dark toolbar.
      > http://cl.ly/260K0d1D2K3q2H1P3O0h

      Changing to a dark window frame would require changing the tabs to
      match as well. Nothing that I feel up to doing I'm afraid. Besides,
      doesn't this violate a million Apple HIGs?

      ":set go-=T" is the closest to this that I think I'd like to go.

      > * You type or click. The toolbar disappears. Pure canvas.
      > http://cl.ly/1j1h1Z2G1B3x233v351v

      Again, this must violate the Apple HIG?

      I think full screen mode is a good substitute that also does not
      violate the HIG.

      > * Finally, a more seductive but probably not-so-straightforward thing
      > to implement: Gray out everything but the section you are reading/
      > writing by selecting "focus mode." In iA Writer, the unit is a
      > sentence, so I'm not sure how that would translate it into text as
      > code.
      > http://cl.ly/400M3I3Z0i371I1F3Y21

      As has been mentioned this should be possible to implement using Vim
      script. It is nothing that I would want to write code for at any

      > * Also, off topic, it would be awesome to replace the icon with
      > something sexier. I'm not a designer but have been using this as a
      > stop gap measure:
      > http://cl.ly/1J2P083w3l3z0D2X3V3i

      No, I will not change the icon for something that does not look like
      the "green diamond with a V". This topic has been brought up in the
      past and it just leads to discussions that I'd rather not participate
      in (or read for that matter). Sorry, I'm not a big fan of the green
      diamond either, but it is here to stay.

      > I love MacVim. Thank you for your awesome work.

      Cheers! That is always nice to hear. :-)

      I always appreciate suggestions for change even though I don't really
      want to accommodate any of the ones you just brought up. Please don't
      take this as me saying I don't want any change at all -- in fact, I do
      think we should allow ourselves to be influenced by other editors


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