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12499Re: Finder crashes when viewing MacVim file with QuickLook

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  • björn
    Jul 8 10:24 AM
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      On 8 July 2011 17:26, Tony S Yu wrote:
      > When I try to view a MacVim file (i.e. any file that opens with MacVim
      > by default) with Quicklook, I get a blank Quicklook window and about
      > 50% of the time, Finder crashes and restarts. Below: I've copied the
      > Console messages from the crash:
      > Jul 8 , Jul 8, 11:00:29 AM      Finder[66995]   [QL] Assertion failure
      > (NSWidth(frame) > 0.0 && NSHeight(frame) > 0.0) - invalid preview
      > content frame
      > Jul 8 , Jul 8, 11:00:30 AM      com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[129]
      > (com.apple.Finder[66995]) Job appears to have crashed: Abort trap
      > Jul 8 , Jul 8, 11:00:30 AM      ReportCrash[67024]      Saved crash report for
      > Finder[66995] version 10.6.8 (10.6.8) to /Users/Tony/Library/Logs/
      > DiagnosticReports/Finder_2011-07-08-110030_Tonys-MacBook.crash
      > The crash report doesn't seem to have any useful info (other then the
      > lines copied here, but I can post if desired). I'm using the latest
      > stable version of MacVim: Version 7.3 (53). I've checked that vim
      > configuration (and bash profiles) are not the issue.
      > Any ideas what might be causing this?

      MacVim does not interact with QuickLook in any way other than to add
      certain file types to its Info.plist so that QuickLook will realize
      that these are text files. In other words, this problem is not caused
      by MacVim.

      Sorry that I can't be of any help.


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