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12465Re: Changing font for highlighted groups

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jul 2, 2011
      On Jul 2, 7:31 pm, Spiff <spiffis...@...> wrote:
      > Hi. Are there any plans to implement font selection in highlights, as
      > in gvim/GTK2?
      > e.g. hi! Conceal font=STIXRegular:h14

      IIUC what is said under ":help highlight-font" you can use this in any
      GUI vim (including MacVim), not only in gvim with GTK2 GUI, *BUT* for
      any highlight group other than Menu and Tooltip:
      - the font chosen should be a monospace font, and in gvim flavours
      other than GTK2 it MUST be so
      - the font chosen must have exactly the same pixel dimensions as the
      default font, and this means the following:
      - exactly the same pixel width
      - exactly the same pixel height
      - exactly the same pixel distance between the bottom of the cell and
      the bottom pixels of lovercase x
      - exactly the same pixel distance between the top of the cell and
      the top pixels of lowercase x
      - exactly the same pixel distance (a signed integer, which may be
      zero but doesn't have to) between the top of uppercase I and of
      lowercase l

      Because of these constraints, you will in general be better off
      leaving the font unchanged (in MacVim, and in GTK2 gvim too) and
      setting the other attributes (bold, italic, bg color, fg color, wavy
      underlining color…)

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