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12344Re: Feature Request: Navigation Sidebar

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  • björn
    May 18, 2011
      On 17 May 2011 20:50, Dougly wrote:
      > I'm with Sven this feature would be awesome,
      > VIM is simply the best text editor, and discovering macvim is a
      > highlight of my burgeoning mac experience. However Nerdtree is not
      > really the solution I'm looking for. Ideally I'd love a VIM plugin for
      > textwrangler or notepadd++ (windows program). navigating projects
      > isn't as beneficial by command, but rather by mouse.
      > Using commands to navigate in file is tremendous, it saves oodles of
      > times because we do it a LOT, doing so between files is difficult,
      > having to open nerdtree, navigate over, find the file (in what is not
      > a very good layout) and then go back/close nerdtree is the opposite of
      > efficiency, it's the dogmatic adherence to a paradigm. (obviously in
      > non-gui examples nerdtree is awesome).
      > Anyhow, it's simply a request (although not a simple request) and
      > while sven and I would obviously use and appreciate it, I appreciate
      > the work the authors do already and if they don't see value in the
      > request I won't expect to see it added.

      Something is in the works [1]. I'm only somewhat involved in this at
      the moment, but hopefully I'll get some time during the summer to work
      on MacVim at which time I'll start thinking about file browsers
      properly. (No, it won't be hosted in a drawer window when it is done
      -- I am working on putting it in a view inside the main window.)

      To those of you who don't get the point of this feature (like I used
      to): this is apparently considered one of the major missing features
      for people who are coming from other editors (mostly TextMate as far
      as I can tell). Judging by Twitter and blog activity this group is
      quite substantial (or maybe just vocal ;-) so I feel it is worthwhile
      to cater to their wishes. Hopefully this will generate even more
      interest in Vim.


      [1] https://github.com/alloy/macvim/commits/file-drawer

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