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12316Right-left cursor rendering issue

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  • Ben Schmidt
    May 7, 2011
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      Hi, Björn,

      A little issue that I think will be easy to fix.

      MacVim renders the cursor nicely in insert mode when 'rightleft' is set, i.e. it
      displays an insertion point at the right of the character cell, rather than at the
      left, as when 'rightleft' is not set. However, it applies the same adjustment when
      the cursor is in the middle of a commandline, but this is incorrect.

      To reproduce, issue :set rl and then type any ex command, but instead of pressing
      Enter, press the left arrow once; you will see that instead of being between the
      last two characters, the cursor appears at the end of the line. If you continue
      pressing left, you will not be able to make the cursor appear at the beginning of
      the command (though if you type, text will appear there).

      Note that when typing a search command (with / or ?), the behaviour is currently
      correct; only when entering an Ex command is it wrong, AFAIK.

      Will this be easy to fix? Need any help or additional info?



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