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12249Re: not working correctly: WARNING: terminal is not fully functional

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Apr 15, 2011
      On Apr 15, 4:49 am, Ivan <ive...@...> wrote:
      > When pressing <K> on keyword, in terminal vim it will produce the man
      > page correctly.
      > However, in MacVim, it generates a warning:
      > WARNING: terminal is not fully functional
      > The ANSI control sequence is then display and not correctly escaped.
      > A screenshot can be found here:
      > http://d.pr/E5T1
      > Help needed, thanks!

      This is not specific to MacVim, I get it also on Linux in gvim: it
      happens because the "terminal" (or pseudo-terminal) in which Vim runs
      any shell command is a "dumb" terminal, which, like a teletypewriter,
      can go forward but not backward. Any curses-based program (such as
      less, used normally by man to display its output) which expects to use
      the terminal as a TV (moving about in any direction) rather than as a
      teletypewriter, may get problems.

      I'll try to forward your question and this reply to the vim_use group.

      Best regards,
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