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122Re: [vim-mac] Carbonized VIM

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Oct 12, 2000
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      Ammon Skidmore wrote:

      Thanks for the explanation of Carbon.

      > Yes, it should definitely be included in Vim 6. I'll work on
      > building the beta on my machine and then I'll send you a diff (may
      > take a week though given time). I've never used a diff program on
      > the mac. Can I do this with MPW, or should I just use UNIX?

      Isn't there a "diff" command for the Mac? Someone must have ported it.
      Otherwise do this on a Unix system. Please use "diff -c" or "diff -u" to get
      some context.

      > As there currently is a need for VIM under Mac OS X, I'd like to be
      > able to release my Carbonized Vim 5.7 to the public (once I improve a
      > couple more things). Is this acceptable? Can I just post my own
      > binary on my web page?

      Sure, feel free to make a modified 5.7 for this purpose. Just make clear
      which changes it includes. And since you're going to send me a diff, you
      comply to the Vim license as explained at ":help copying".

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