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12149Re: mvim: bring forward window/tab of already open window instead of Alert

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  • björn
    Mar 7, 2011
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      On 6 March 2011 00:36, E. Wing wrote:
      > I use mvim a lot to open files. I often get into situations where I
      > have so many open files, I don't remember which I left open and which
      > I closed. And when I try to open an already open file, I get the
      > Alert: "Swap file "foo.swp" already exists!" and a bunch of options,
      > none of which brings the current open window/tab forward.
      > Is there a way to get mvim to bring forward the already open window or
      > tab of the file I request (assuming it is open)? And if the file isn't
      > already open, I would expect mvim to do what it currently does.
      > I looked at the --remote-tab-silent switch. It seems close to what I
      > want, but I don't want these things in new tabs, but windows when not
      > already open. It also seems to get confused if I have an additional
      > parameter like the line number:
      > mvim --remote-tab-silent-switch +60
      > Instead of jumping to line 60, it opens a second tab called +60.
      > Any suggestions?

      The only easy way to achieve this is to use "open -a MacVim filename"
      but that won't let you pass parameters.

      I don't have an easy solution if you need to pass parameters as well.
      The only thing I can think of is to write a script which queries all
      open Vim servers for a list of open filenames using --serverlist to
      get all Vim servers, then --remote-expr to query each server for open
      files. If a file is found to be open, then raise that server with
      --remote-send. This is done by MacVim, the relevant code is inside
      MMAppController.m -- search for "addVimInput" (which is basically
      --remote-send) and "evaluateVimExpression" (which is basically


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