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12120Re: maxvert doesn't always "maxvert"

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  • David Whetstone
    Feb 20, 2011
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      On Feb 20, 2011, at 10:20 AM, Björn Winckler wrote:

      > That would be great. You should trace the EnterFullscreenMsgID and SetTextDimensionsMsgID messages as they are handled inside MMVimController. When you enter full screen on startup the actual presentation of the full screen window is delayed -- this happens inside MMWindowController (search for windowPresented). You may also have to look at MMFullscreenWindow, which does the actual resizing of the view when you have maxvert enabled.
      > Björn

      Hi Björn,

      I'm still looking into this - but I have a quick question. Is there any specific reason why MMVimController::handleMessage:data: is implemented as a bunch of `if/else if` statements instead of `switch/case`? Also, the msgid parameter is an int, while its value is always (AFAICT) an enum. If I change the type of this parameter to the enum, I can see the mnemonic in the debugger, which is helpful. Would you accept these minor changes if I made them?

      - David

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