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121Re: [vim-mac] Carbonized VIM

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  • Ammon Skidmore
    Oct 11, 2000
      >Ehm, I don't know what Carbon is...

      Short: Carbon allows Mac apps to run natively under Mac OS X (Apple's
      forthcoming OS based on BSD and the Mach microkernal). So, a
      Carbonized VIM is really just a port to a whole other OS. Now the
      list of VIM ports can include Mac OS X. (Note, the carbonized
      version can also run under Mac OS 8.6 and 9 if you install the freely
      available "CarbonLib" system extension.)

      Long: Carbon is an API from Apple that is based on the classic mac
      toolbox. Basically, Apple cleaned up the API and added some new
      calls to make things reentrant and not require poking around in low
      memory. This allows developers to "easily" port their old apps to OS
      X. Note that by Mac OS X I'm talking about the yet to be released
      client version. The currently available "Mac OS X Server" OS is a
      different beast, and doesn't use Carbon.

      I hope that all made sense.

      >If this should be included in the Vim 6.0 version, perhaps you can send me a
      >diff (for the sources and documentation). You should make the diff relative
      >to 6.0 though, since the Mac files have changed since version 5.7, and I can't
      >test the result of including a patch.

      Yes, it should definitely be included in Vim 6. I'll work on
      building the beta on my machine and then I'll send you a diff (may
      take a week though given time). I've never used a diff program on
      the mac. Can I do this with MPW, or should I just use UNIX?

      As there currently is a need for VIM under Mac OS X, I'd like to be
      able to release my Carbonized Vim 5.7 to the public (once I improve a
      couple more things). Is this acceptable? Can I just post my own
      binary on my web page?

      Skidperfect Software <http://www.skidperfect.com/>
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