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12091Re: Janus and MacVim Indents

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  • Ben Schmidt
    Feb 4, 2011
      On 5/02/11 4:40 AM, Braden Douglass wrote:
      > Ok everyone, I can't seem to get this wrangled so I figured I would send my
      > question to the pros. I am using the Janus bundle that Katz put together along
      > with MacVim. All is good except I am having some odd indent issues. With PHP, I
      > am getting nothing, even if the php open and close tags are on one indent, any
      > internals will get slammed to the leftmost wall. I also have smartindent and
      > autoindent on so no problem there. In addition, I realized that a bunch of the
      > .vim autoindent files didn't come down when I installed MacVim via homebrew and
      > went back and nabbed them so that is all good as well. Completely lost. Thanks for
      > the help all! Oh and vimrc file attached here: http://cl.ly/4NjN
      > K, THANKS! -Braden

      Hmm. Things look pretty much right.

      Check 'paste' is off (:verbose set paste?) and what your value of
      'indentexpr' is (:verbose set indentexpr?).

      If that doesn't help you, the output of :set would probably be good to
      post on the list, so we can see all your options (make sure you've
      opened a PHP file that isn't working, so we see the relevant ones!). We
      might be able to spot what's wrong.



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