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11942Re: Meta and Option keys simultaneously in MacVim

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  • Fabien Cazenave
    Nov 10, 2010
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      2010/11/9 björn <bjorn.winckler@...>:
      > On 7 November 2010 16:56, Kazé <fabi1.cazenave@...> wrote:
      >> Hello,
      >> with MacVim, the "macmeta" currently allows to use both "Option" keys
      >> either as "Meta" or "AltGr". Like a lot of European users, I'd prefer
      >> the "macmeta" pref to set only one "Option" key as "Meta" (e.g. the
      >> left one, as it works on Windows and GNU/Linux) and keep the other one
      >> for special characters on non-English keyboard layouts.
      >> In case someone is interested if having both a Meta key *and* an
      >> Option key when "macmeta" is set, here's a quick and dirty patch:
      >>  diff --git a/src/MacVim/MMTextViewHelper.m b/src/MacVim/
      >> MMTextViewHelper.m
      >>  index 4d10432..42f311b 100644
      >>  --- a/src/MacVim/MMTextViewHelper.m
      >>  +++ b/src/MacVim/MMTextViewHelper.m
      >>  @@ -22,6 +22,9 @@
      >>  #import "MMWindowController.h"
      >>  #import "Miscellaneous.h"
      >>  +// asymetric meta keys
      >>  +#define NSLeftAlternateKeyMask  (0x000020 | NSAlternateKeyMask)
      >>  +#define NSRightAlternateKeyMask (0x000040 | NSAlternateKeyMask)
      >>  // The max/min drag timer interval in seconds
      >>  static NSTimeInterval MMDragTimerMaxInterval = 0.3;
      >>  @@ -165,7 +168,8 @@ KeyboardInputSourcesEqual(TISInputSourceRef
      >> a,TISInputSourceRef b)
      >>     // ASCII chars in the range after space (0x20) and before
      >> backspace (0x7f).
      >>     // Note that this implies that 'mmta' (if enabled) breaks input
      >> methods
      >>     // when the Alt key is held.
      >>  -    if ((flags & NSAlternateKeyMask) && [mmta boolValue] && [unmod
      >> length] == 1
      >>  +    if (((flags & NSLeftAlternateKeyMask) == NSLeftAlternateKeyMask)
      >>  +            && [mmta boolValue] && [unmod length] == 1
      >>             && [unmod characterAtIndex:0] > 0x20
      >>             && [unmod characterAtIndex:0] < 0x7f) {
      >>         ASLogDebug(@"MACMETA key, don't interpret it");
      >> This is just a trivial adaptation of this iTerm patch:
      >> http://swissarmyhammer.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/osx-terminal-meta-key-national-characters/
      >> I think a proper MacVim integration would require to modify the
      >> 'macmeta' stuff, e.g. by using a string pref instead of a boolean one:
      >>  * set macmeta=l     => left Option key is Meta
      >>  * set macmeta=r     => right Option key is Meta
      >>  * set macmeta=rl    => both Option keys are Meta
      >>  * set macmeta=      => no Meta key
      >> Thoughts?
      > Hi,
      > I can see that this sort of behavior would be useful for non-english
      > keyboard layouts.  Perhaps an easier solution (implementation-wise)
      > than modifying the 'macmeta' option (and one that doesn't break
      > backwards compatibility) would be to have a user default to set which
      > key is used as meta when 'macmeta' is enabled.  This way it would be
      > an app-level setting so all windows would use the same setting -- I
      > don't know if this is a disadvantage or not (perhaps it is a bit
      > confusing?).
      > Anyway, that was just a though...I don't know which solution is better
      > (making 'macmeta' a string option, or adding a user default).  Does
      > anybody else have any comments about this?
      > I'm not against merging such a patch...
      > Björn

      I think it won't make a big difference to the user if we keep a
      boolean pref for "macmeta" and add a string pref (e.g. "macmetakeys")
      to define which Option keys should be handled as Meta. The only
      problem I can see is that it could be a little confusing if "macmeta"
      is set to "true" but "macmetakeys" is empty -- though that could be
      partly avoided if "macmetakeys" is set to "l" or "rl" by default.

      However, if we have two prefs for the Meta keys we might want to add a
      third one to define whether the Meta key sets the 8th bit (= current
      behavior, like on gVim and xterm) or if it sends Escape instead (=
      like on most modern terminal emulators like *rxvt by default):
        * set nomacmetaescape  => map <M-a> :exe "myFunc()"<CR>
        * set macmetaescape      => map <Esc>a :exe "myFunc()"<CR>
      With such a setting, Meta-* shortcuts wouldn't be easy to use in
      insert mode but it could be appreciated by users who want an 8-bit
      clean MacVim *and* an Option key *and* a Meta key (if I'm the only one
      in this category, please don't tell me :-/). That's what has been
      implemented in the final iTerm patch I mentioned in my first message.


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