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11911Re: Use of maps in MacVim

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  • björn
    Oct 30, 2010
      On 30 October 2010 12:23, Barrie Stott <zen146410@...> wrote:
      > This is becoming a saga. Here's the current problem.
      > I have available something called a Keyboard Viewer that can be shown or hidden. When I show it, I get a picture of my Apple Wireless Keyboard. The second row from the top, 4th key shows a 3. Touching the shift key changes this position on the Keyboard Viewer to £ and touching the Alt key changes it to #.
      > In a terminal, typing one of {3, <S-3>, <M-3>} gives the corresponding one of {3, £, #}. However, in MacVim, the last one is a superscript-3 (I don't know how to type it in my mailer). I want to be able to type printable characters in MacVim just as I do in a terminal, if necessary by creating some maps.
      > It is possible with :digraphs to find how to map from superscript-3 to #, etc. I've done it for a few characters but it's a long-winded affair. Is there a simpler way?
      > If there is no simpler way, does anyone know the name of the file that is used for :digraph. It would be much simpler to work with a printed version.

      If you want to get the same keys as are shown in the keyboard viewer
      then you need to disable the 'macmeta' option.


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