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119Carbonized VIM

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  • Ammon Skidmore
    Oct 11, 2000

      I'm proud to announce the preliminary carbonization of the macvim
      sources. I have not announced this anywhere else yet because I'd
      like all of your approval first, being new to this list and all. The
      changes I made are based on the unpatched 5.7 dist.

      I have been unable to personally test it under Mac OS X, since I
      <ahem> don't actually have hardware that supports OS X yet (I do have
      the beta cds -- benefits of being a student developer). This port is
      sort of a look to the future. It works great under OS 8.6 with
      CarbonLib 1.0.4.

      Binary download, with changed sources and new CodeWarrior IDE 6
      project file can be gotten from:

      The source may require stuff only defined in the Universal Interfaces
      3.3.2, I'm not sure. Regarding the use of CodeWarrior, do any of you
      still use it -- or have you moved to MPW? I've never gotten around
      to figuring out MPW.

      I tried to stick to only carbonization changes. In the process, I
      cleaned up a little of the code, and noticed a few odd things that I
      need to investigate to see if they are a bug or a feature :) (For
      instance, why saving new files with the save dialog uses the icon
      positioning of the last open-dialog-opened file.)

      Another thing: there was one aspect of macvim that I didn't port to
      Carbon. The hooking into the System Help menu. Apple is still
      defining it's new help manager interfaces, so it's not clear what to
      do here. There must be a solution though, because CW 6 uses the Help
      menu just fine (CW 6 is completely carbonized).

      Skidperfect Software <http://www.skidperfect.com/>
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