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11835Re: Keeping latex message after compilation

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  • björn
    Oct 1, 2010
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      On 30 September 2010 03:19, Byungchul Cha <cha3920@...> wrote:
      > Hi.
      > I use vim for editing my latex file, but I do not use the vim-latex
      > suite. I have the following line
      > :map <F5> :w <CR> :!pdflatex --shell-escape % <CR> :!open -a Skim.app
      > %<.pdf <CR>
      > in my .vimrc file. This works for me when I use vim in terminal.
      > I have the same line above in .gvimrc, but, there is an issue when I
      > use MacVim. The problem for me is that MacVim does not show the latex
      > compiling message after compilation and opens Skim. (Well,
      > technically, it does show the mesage but it disappears fast as it
      > opens Skim next.) I would like to glance the message before I go back
      > to editing.
      > I do not have this problem when I use vim in terminal, so, I suppose
      > there must be a way to fix this.

      Due to the way MacVim queues rendering instructions it is very
      difficult to get the exact same behavior as in console Vim.

      I seconds Dave's suggestions of setting makeprg instead, then you can
      use Cmd+B to compile. Here's an excerpt from my ftplugin/tex.vim

      " Set 'makeprg' so that you can use Cmd+B to compile
      setl makeprg=pdflatex\ -interaction=nonstopmode\ %

      " taken from ':h errorformat-latex'
      setl efm=%E!\ LaTeX\ %trror:\ %m,
      \%E!\ %m,
      \%+WLaTeX\ %.%#Warning:\ %.%#line\ %l%.%#,
      \%+W%.%#\ at\ lines\ %l--%*\\d,
      \%WLaTeX\ %.%#Warning:\ %m,
      \%Cl.%l\ %m,
      \%+C\ \ %m.,
      \%C\ \ %m,
      \%-GSee\ the\ LaTeX%m,
      \%-GType\ \ H\ <return>%m,
      \%-G\ ...%.%#,
      \%-G%.%#\ (C)\ %.%#,
      \%-G(see\ the\ transcript%.%#),
      \%+P\ %\\=(%f%r,

      " Use <Leader>v to view pdf
      map <buffer> <Leader>v :!open %:p:r.pdf<CR>

      Note that with the above settings you can also use Cmd+Ctrl+Left/Right
      to step between the errors.


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