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  • björn
    Oct 1, 2010

      I have uploaded a new snapshot (build 54) of MacVim.app (OS X 10.6+) to


      This snapshot contains a fix for a bug that intermittently would cause
      a MacVim window to freeze. To my knowledge this happened mostly for
      PeepOpen users, but also when using the ack.vim plugin and when
      opening files from Xcode. If you are affected by this bug I urge you
      to try this snapshot out.

      Another bug that would cause a freeze when using the zsh shell has
      also been fixed, so anybody using zsh should update.

      Other changes since build 53 (i.e. MacVim 7.3):

      * Fix bug which caused Vim process to lock up when using zsh (patch
      by Nikola Knežević)
      * Add support for trackpad swipe gesture (set up to go back/forward
      in help by default, see ":h gestures" on how to set up your own
      * Fix bug which caused Vim process to lock up e.g. when opening files
      * Fix bug that caused DTerm not to work when MacVim was in full screen mode
      * Update to latest Vim patch level and latest runtime files

      You may also have noticed that I have added a Pledgie badge to the
      MacVim GitHub page. For the record, I want to state that I am not
      asking for donations -- I am only adding the badge in response to
      users who have already offered to donate. That being said I am of
      course grateful for any donations. Note that I strongly urge that
      anybody wishing to show their support first donate to Vim before
      donating to MacVim specifically -- the amount of work I have put in
      compared with what Bram has is absolutely nothing _and_ money donated
      to Vim goes to a good cause. I will use donations for upgrades to my
      computer and if I get more than I need I will pass it on to the Vim
      charity. (I'll add a note about this to the MacVim project page


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